Time to say goodbye to 1200 Point Breeze Ave


The time has come to say goodbye to 1200 Point Breeze Ave.
As we prepare to MOVE TO OUR NEW LOCATION, which is under construction, you’ve experienced some changes, have been so patient and kind and have reminded me of what I’ve been working so hard for–Being part of a community that cares! I hope you know how much I love you and how much we championed together for Point Breeze. You know me! I know you! I know your dogs, your kids, you are my family, you’ve created my home.

Although we will be offering delivery through the transition your last chance to eat in at this location is Sunday, April 3rd!


Stay Breezy Friends

1 Month!


We have now been open for business for 1 month and we couldn’t be happier. Not only do we get to make and serve food that is delicious from sources we believe in, but we get to meet the most amazing people too! We have agreed all along that one of the best parts of opening a cafe was the sense of togetherness and being able to experience so many things about our community changing side-by-side. We have amazing customers and friends that continue to show support through buying our soups and sandwiches but by also expressing kind words and encouragement while we work through all of the lack of sleep and kinks that is opening a new business.

We greatly appreciate you coming back day after day, even if just for a hello and a coffee. We’re here and happy to be!